12. Little Grand Canyon 1

The entire Little Grand Canyon trail is a 3 mile loop, marked by a White Diamond with the letters LGC in the center. It is a difficult trail, with portions requiring moderate climbing. However, there are shorter and less strenuous paths that lead to scenic overlooks before the trail descends into the canyon. You can reach these vistas by taking either leg of the trail leading from the parking lot. The top trail leading to the main overlook has a few resting benches on the path. Located on the lower trail head is a picnic bench and a small charcoal grill. Along the upper portions of the trail you will encounter expansive views of the colorful cliffs, the Big Muddy River and the Mississippi River flood plain. A cool and lush bottomland habitat thrives on the canyon floor and showcases seasonal waterfalls, large sandstone overhangs and towering beech and sycamore trees.